Hair Salon - Paris Madeleine

The Ayurvedic treatment

I offer the Shirodhara Ayurvedic treatment, the very best of our relaxing treatments and the salon's speciality.

This treatment acts on energy decompensations, relieves tension, provides deep relaxation and reduces anxiety, stress and nervousness. It enhances hair growth, seals hair cuticles and encourages detoxification.

Shirodhara involves the slow and continual pouring of warm sesame oil, combined with a few drops of specially selected essential oils, along the hairline.
The treatment is carried out while you lie on a specially designed chair with rollers that mimic the undulations of shiatsu massage. The warm oil flows slowly and steadily, and you will be surrounded by a fabulous fragrance...

The treatment continues with a stimulating massage, followed by a lavender and rosemary shampoo to remove all traces of oil.

Shirodara Ayurvedic treatment : 65 €
Treatment time : 45 minutes

Treatment with essential oils

For a time-saving treatment, after shampooing, I offer a mask with essential oils, which is applied under a warm towel to moisturise and revitalize..

Essential oils treatment : 35 €
Treatment time : 15 minutes